Ready to achieve
what you have been already dreaming for a long time?

Have you been trying to achieve your goals
but you are not progressing?

It is stressful.

You put the effort in, but things are not working well.

With the knowledge and experience I gained over the 10+ years, I want to help YOU to successfully achieve your current and coming goals.

During my 10 years expierience I helped people to:

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Healthy Eating

Physical activity

Stress management


What is Coaching?
How do my programs help?

“Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime”.

During the program you will learn the basic principles of nutrition and exercise which then will allow you to create your own program for yourself. I will be there with you continuously along the way. At the end, you will become your own coach!

Most programs say that they offer a lifestyle. But they never ask: what do you want in your life? How do you want your life to look like? We will build the program around the things you like!

Success Together

Goals of previous and current clients:

running competition runners
Thriathtlon couple before competiotion

Sports I can help you with






How to apply for a consultation


Review the offer and service. Please fill out the consultation form - there is no payment obligation yet. Only do it if you really, really want to.


We will make an appointment by email, we will discuss whether the consultation will take place in person or online.


You will receive a calendar invitation by email about the agreed date, only from here the event is considered officially accepted. An invoice request link will also be sent with this.


Only the consultation that has already been accepted and agreed upon by email is subject to payment obligation, you can pay by card online before the program, I will send you a payment link for this.

Find the perfect plan for your goal

It will cost you more to stay stuck than it will to invest in yourself to get back on track!

1 on 1 coaching

60 minutes
  • Science/Evidence based strategies
  • Process: First we identify the weakest link (for example: nutrition, training plan, recovery, movements) and then I show you solutions to the problem
  • No string attached (No subscription, no attachments): you decide if the first meeting is also the last one or we continue to work together till a defined period

Athlete program

12 weeks
  • 7 video consultation moment (Total of 150 min) to keep you progressing or address necessary blockers and action items.
  • Direct message access (Whatsapp) to Me/Matyi so that you can easily ask questions.
  • Recommendations, feedback and advice
  • Personalised Training Planning
  • Race Nutrition & Fuelling strategy

Ready to reach your goals?
Let's get there, together.