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Our mission? Simple.
We’re here to INSPIRE our kids and families by ACHIEVing fitness goals and creating epic, active memories.

At AchieveDad, it’s all about ACCOMPLISHing greatness together – in health, in fun, and in life.

Together, we can accomplish more than we ever could alone. Here, we support and help each other, fostering an environment where everyone’s success is a collective victory.

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Become a fitter, healthier, and more energetic Dad Husband Partner

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“In the weekend I had my first run with my daughter together. It was so much fun. She even kicked my ass during the last sprint…”

“Had joint 'wall pilates' session with my wife, which was challenging”

“A coach that checks in weekly via WhatsApp is very motivation. It keeps me going and wanting to achieve my weekly micro goals. Also, the coach gives me advice and tips how to achieve the goals”

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Hello, My name is Matyas Szeiler.

The autumn of 2017 marked a difficult and challenging period in my life. At the age of 63, after 1.5 years of fighting, my father succumbed to cancer. Tragically, just two weeks before he passed, his first grandchild was born. He only had the chance to hold her once.

That moment has been etched in my memory ever since. It wasn’t until the birth of my son in 2021, and then my second child in 2023, that I found a place for this memory. It connected the dots, giving me a renewed sense of purpose.
My first purpose was to do everything I could to stay strong and healthy, to enjoy a long, fulfilling life with my children, grandchildren, and hopefully great-grandchildren.
The second was a journey of transformation: learning not only how to keep other dads healthy but also to inspire and empower them in their own journeys.

If you want to become a fit dad, then AchieveDad is the right choice for you. Being a fit and healthy dad has many advantages: you become a positive role model, and you have the energy and strength to engage actively with your kids.

In the spirit of my father and for the joy of my children, I created AchieveDad. It’s a space where health, happiness, and active fatherhood flourish, transforming lives of fathers like you.